Medicare Safety Net For Pensioners

Since the practice opened in 1998 a discount of up to 50 percent off the normal fee has been given to pensioners.
Aged pensioners now make up a significant proportion of the practice. This, combined with rising practice costs means that we can no longer continue to provide this significant reduction.  However, aged pensioners will receive a 20 to 25 percent reduction off our normal fees.

Important information:

Aged pensioners, once you (or you and your partner combined) are $578.00 out of pocket for out-of-hospital services for the calendar year, then you will receive 80 percent of your bill back from Medicare (eg total bill $350.00 you will receive $280.00 back from Medicare so you are $70.00 out of pocket). This is with the Medicare Safety Net.


Who it is for How it is calculated What the benefit is
Extended Concession Out of pocket
80% of out of pocket costs for out of hospital services
Concession and FTB(A) $578.60 Cardholders and families eligible for FTB (A)
 Out of pocket costs – The difference between the Medicare benefit and what your doctor charges you.

What are the benefits for me?
Once you reach a Medicare Safety Net threshold visiting a doctor of having tests may cost you less.
What services are covered?
The Medicare Safety Net covers a range of doctor visits and tests covered by the MBS that you receive out-of-hospital.
Some examples of services where costs count towards the Medicare Safety Net are:
GP and Specialist consultations * Blood tests * CT scans * Pap smears * Psychiatry * Radiotherapy * Tissue biopsies * Ultrasounds *X-rays
Who needs to register?
Individuals – do not need to register for the Medicare Safety Net. Just keep your contact details up to date with Medicare Australia.
Couples and families – need to register for the Medicare Safety Net, even if all of your family members are listed on your Medicare card.

  • Each family member needs to be identified so their medical costs can be counted towards your family’s Medicare Safety Net
  • You only need to register once
  • Registration is free

How do I register?

How to claim?
If you pay your doctor in full and then claim your Medicare benefit, Medicare will:

  • Automatically keep a tally of your medical expenses for you
  • Write to you when you are nearing a threshold
  • If you claim from Medicare Australia before paying your Doctor:
    *Medicare will send you a cheque payable to the doctor, which you take to your doctor along with any outstanding balance you owe
    *take your receipts to Medicare Australia as proof of payment (that is your receipt and Medicare Statement) and Medicare will keep a tally of your expenses for you
  • Contact you when you are nearing a threshold and may ask you to substantiate any unpaid claims
  • Once you reach a threshold, all further out-of-hospital claims you make for that calendar year may automatically attract a higher benefit

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