Why see a Dermatologist and Not a Skin Cancer Clinic?

Dermatologists are highly trained and certified – it takes a minimum of 11 years training and examinations to be accredited by the Australian government as a dermatologist.  This is a far higher level of accreditation than that of a ‘skin specialist’ or a skin cancer clinic. 

“Skin Cancer Clinics are usually operated by GP’s and at this stage there is no reliable way of evaluating the quality of care provided”
Extract from the Cancer Council of NSW, Your Guide to Skin Clinics.

“The Cancer Council of New South Wales does not operate or endorse any Skin Cancer Clinics. Skin Cancer Clinics that offer skin checks are private businesses and are often run by GP’s. At this stage there is no reliable way of evaluating the quality of care provided.”
From the Cancer Council of NSW.

“Research shows Skin Cancer Clinics may not necessarily offer a higher level of expertise than your GP.”
Extract from the Cancer Council Victoria

Dermatologists are considered the experts in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancers and skin diseases.


On an average day, Dermatologists find 10 to 20 skin cancers that may have otherwise gone undiagnosed.

Dermatologists are highly skilled and experienced in detecting and treating cancer and melanoma and accurately diagnosing and managing diseases of the skin, hair, and nail.

Drummoyne Dermatology provides facilities and support staff for Dermatologists who operate their businesses from this location.

We are proud to be supporting world-class specialist care for patients with skin cancer and other skin diseases.

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